ESFR 2014 Congress Call

The 7th Congress of the European Society on Family Relations (ESFR)

Several European countries are in the midst of a profound economic crisis which has sharply impacted families. The ongoing high rates of unemployment, have not only reduced families’ standard of living but it has also contributed to changes in several areas of family life and social life. The negative consequences of the economic crisis may be reinforced by cutbacks in social spending and changes in public policies priorities. A multidisciplinary perspective is needed to gain better insights into how families are affected and which factors are likely to have the greatest impact in helping families to cope with these social challenges.

We invite the scientific community to present symposiums and papers on a range of contemporary issues that families face including, but not limited to, the current economic crisis. We welcome papers on innovative research on a wide range of topics from disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Demography, Social Work, Education, Political Science, Social, Legal Studies and History.

The conference will highlight the latest research findings and will address topics that are of interest to researchers and those active in different fields of application.

Varieties in family forms
Marriage and consensual unions
Balancing private and working lives
Mobility, migration and family life
Caring for children and elderly
Family well-being and family conflict
Domestic violence
Intergenerational relations
Theorizing family lives
Family policies
Unemployment, poverty and families
Family health
Economic crisis and family lives
Childlessness in Europe
Balancing Motherhood and Career: National and International Aspects
Transition to the first child in Europe: A crucial moment for gender(in)equality
Current Interdisciplinary Issues in Early Childhood Education
Father involvement across Europe